Friday, 12 December 2008

Potions Class.

We have just had our first Potions class. We made sleeping potions. If you were absent please make it for homework since we will need it next lesson. Its: Snail Slime + Blueberry = Sleeping Potion. Thanks! From The Potions Class Teacher, SarahW Singh x

The Guy Who We Were Going To Let Us Help Extend Hogwarts Turned Out To Be A Scammer.

[10:19] Robin Sooper: Hey everyone this guy called Venchenzo Zerbino that says he will make you stuff if you give him L$ dont trust him he is ripping you off[10:19] Jadugar Qunhua: Lawl[10:19] Jadugar Qunhua: Kay[10:19] Dallas Ellils: lier[10:20] Shamus Yue: its true[10:20] Pinky227 Kyger: He is?[10:20] awsedrftg Obolensky: FAG JUICE WITH BLEEDING TITS[10:20] Pinky227 Kyger: He Keeps Asking Me.[10:20] Predator Fhang: I told you it was a bad disison[10:20] amber14 Blackburn: wtf[10:20] Predator Fhang: Lol[10:20] Pinky227 Kyger: He Keeps Saying He Will Remake My Hogwarts Or My Shop[10:20] Shamus Yue: spread this news we gotta cut of his money supplier[10:20] Pinky227 Kyger: Sure ;][10:21] Pinky227 Kyger: Out Of 400L[10:21] Pinky227 Kyger: My Brother Scammed Him[10:21] Pinky227 Kyger: Oops Chat Lag XD[10:21] Robin Sooper: Shamus knows the truth he used to work for him and he knows Venchenzo's plans thats why Shamus left[10:22] Pinky227 Kyger: Oh...

Head Girl.

This is our new Head Girl 'Luna Ohmai'. She has been put into the Ravenclaw house and is a very intelligent girl. She can be quite bossy and acts like the 'Queen of the school' as people call her. Whenever you see this girl walking down the corridor, you better make way or you'll get a right telling off. She is able to ban people from Hogwarts if she wants, but she shouldn't really do it without a headmistress's permission. 'Most of my time I have I use for Second Life. I talked to Pinky on an online Hogwarts chatroom and only joined Second Life for that reason, now I realise there is more to Second Life but I will always regularly attend Hogwarts' Quoted by Luna herself.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Hey guys! The Hogwarts building has just been built today and it looks fine from the outside and inside. There have been plans to extend the building though which we hope to do in the future. A few people have joined today which is good and its only day one! Big thanks to Zara Weiser and Meleno Fei for helping me out today! Zara for helping me plan out the castle, and Meleno for correcting many errors in Hogwarts, welcoming people, and creating scarves for everyone with their house colours on! Please come and visit us by typing Hogwarts into places in search. Remember if you don't have a second life account, register at ! x

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Hello Hogwarts.
This blog has just been started to give you all the updates and latest news on the Hogwarts school in teen second life. Here you will able to find out more things than you can on teen second life since there are so many things I have to do on there and never have time to make announcements. The building for the Hogwarts school is now under construction at the moment.

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